Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Kristen Robinson in June!

It is hard, near impossible, not to fall in love with Kristen Robinson!

Her work is so…her! She is nice and kind and drama-free. I love her artistic style and quality teaching.  They are as unique and lovely and fun as Kristen is!

Kristen's classes offer something for everyone. 
(See Kristen Robinson tab above for details).

Like journals?  Take this class --> 


Is jewelry your thing? Take this class -->

How about shadowboxes?  
This is your class!

Kristen has such a way with students. No matter your skill level, you will be inspired, impressed with your skill set and well, (don’t blame me), you’ll probably fall for this artist too!

Please reserve your space early as these classes will fill up. Email for registration and payment info.

Nellie Wortman's Magic

It was so special to host Michigan-based artist, Nellie Wortman, during the first days of spring!

Her work is so moody and beautiful and her techniques are distinctive and all her own.  It felt special learning from Nellie.  She is so open and honest and willing to share much about her exceptional journey!  

Thank you Nellie!  If you get the chance to take a class for her, do it! She's magical!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring! And not a moment too soon...

Spring is nearly here when fresh air is abundant, green sprouts emerge from the frozen earth and there is a sense of hopefulness. Ah life, you never go according to my plans.

It is so important to have special things to look forward to. This March, I am really looking forward to taking classes from Nellie Wortman! She has such a kind spirit along with her immense talent. Nellie's Make a Bezel, Enchanted Book, and Blessings Wall Hanging classes are coming up fast.
In mid-June, Kristen Robinson returns with some new creative imaginings with Divine Bangles, Grunged Up and Glamourous Upcycled Journals and Tale in My Heart - Plaster, Wax, Paper Clay Shadow.

I hope you have things to look forward to in your life this spring! Life is short, use your art supplies!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mixed Media Books, Jacqueline Sullivan Style!

Look how clean, organized and 
well-behaved we are! 
Of course, this is just the beginning of class!

Molding Paste and the Book


Adventures in Art Journaling


Ya’ll come back now, ya hear?  We’re planning a one-day fiber adventure on Saturday, September 12!  Stay tuned for details!